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November 4th is the new 4th of July

November 6, 2008


President Elect Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is my president. I have never utter any words like those. I have never claimed any leader or president, as ‘my’ president/leader. I have never claimed any government ‘my’ government. I’ve never trusted the government i’ve lived under. A cynic and skeptic, the closest i ever got to that was the Clinton presidency, and really it was Bill Clinton i liked. But i was never inspired by him. I never loved him.


November 4th, 2008 is date that will last in history. The first civilized revolution in the history of mankind. When democracy cured itself, without a bullet fired, or drop of blood spilled, without riot gears and sticks. ‘The Old World’ is gone. A government operating autonomously and without the participation of its people, is finally over. No more will the few rule the many. No more will skepticism or cynicism fill our hearts about our president. On 4/11/2008 democracy was reborn, America proved its worth, the people took back the country and the ideal and Barack Obama was elected president of the United States of America.


For generations, the people had become complacent, selfish, grown fat, ignorant and careless. Waiting for someone to scoop them up and help them out. And slowly the who are best at taking advantage, took advantage. Penny by penny, minute by minute America identity, pride, strength and dignity was sucked out. We were left hopeless, broke, weak and sick. We were left for dead. But a light of hope sparked in good time; swift, concerned, confident, strong and smart. He came and with so many words told us we were the ones we’ve been waiting for all along: Yes We Can.


We the people spoke up and spoke loud. We the people will continue to speak. This is our government. This is our democracy. We are are party of it and President Obama is our president.


God Bless America.. the New America